Cocktail Menu

The Lemon Meringue  Pie.

Limoncello, Gin, gomme and Egg whites make up this delicious and refreshing sipper, with a drinkable light foam meringue topping.

The Expresso Martini.

A shot of expresso coffee, poured over ice, then vodka and Kahlua is added. Sweetened to taste and shaken. to form a velvety smooth ice cold sipper.

The Old Fashioned.

Woodford reserve, bitters, sugar and orange peel blended over ice and time to make the perfect combination of bite, bitter and sweet.

The Martini.

Favoured by Bond himself, shaken, not stirred. Gin or Vodka paired with vermouth, have it dry or wet, served in a martini glass with olives. Have you tried it dirty? 

The Absinthe Drip.

Original Parisian La Fee Absinthe. Said to be a mild hallucinogen, the ingredient Wormwood is famed for inspiring some of the great renaissance artists in history. Let the green fairy come out to play.

Served strait up, dripped over a lit sugar cube, with water.

The Daiquiri.

Made classically, with white rum, gomme and limes. Shaken and served over ice. A refreshing palate cleanser and perfect on a summers day. Add strawberries or melon to add a fruity flavour.

The Chocolate Fudge Martini.

Using our own homemade fudge to make our fudge flavoured vodka, we then add this to creme de cacao clear to add the chocolate flavour. Add in some sweetened cream and shake. 

The Mojito.

Mint, rum, limes and gomme muddled and mixed then shaken. Served over ice with a soda water top.

The Amaretto Sour.

Italian Amaretto mixed with sugars, lemon and egg white blend to create a smooth luxurious finish. A sweet and sour delight sure to have you coming back for more

The Margarita.

Tequila, triple sec and lime combine to create this classic cocktail. Add a hint of sweetness and a salted glass rim, and you have a devilishly good quaffable tipple for anyone's palate. 

The Bloody Mary.

Tomato juice, lemon, Vodka, Worcestershire and tabasco combine to create this savoury marvel. Served on ice with a celery stick and celery salt.

The Dark and Stormy.

Cloven Hoof spiced rum, fresh ginger and limes are muddled together and shaken over ice. Poured into a Collins glass and topped with ginger beer. A warming treat with a hint of sweet.

The Negroni.

Campari, vermouth and Gin combine to create this Italian classic. Served with a squeezed and flamed orange peel over ice. A grown up sippable tipple.

The Caipirinha.

Brazilian Cachaça, shaken with lime and sugars served on ice and garnished with more fresh lime. A favourite among the latin-americans.


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